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Ganguro Crissy
Continuing the ganguro trend here's Crissy. Like in the main universe she's imbued with the power of Pyros. However this also resulted in her body shifting into the form she's in now. She still has her southern accent which just seems to make her more "desirable". However she does like her bar job and is even tempted to invite her sisters over. She's also a slight tease in regards to this universe's Linda.
Made with Kisekae_2. Warning! 18+! No kiddies.
Ganguro Piper
Another in the series of Ganguroized versions of my characters. This time around whilst Piper was indeed imbued with Terros' spirit as per the main universe however there was the slightest hiccup with the transfusion. With an incredible shift in her appearance and skin tone change she now works at the same bar Linda does (not that she doesn't mind it. There are some nice "rewards" working at the bar). Amusingly in this universe they met during a slight misunderstanding regarding a rather attractive patron.
Character made using Kisekae_2. WARNING! 18+ no kiddies!
Ganguro Linda
*edit* For some reason it kept F***ing up! Stop giving me the number 1 DA!
OK. Now then basically this piece was inspired by Erzamorris' piece featuring a ganguro Katie. I decided to do the same for Linda and potentially the rest of the girls. Basically it follows the main universe of Linda being a girl who was originally a guy but was turned into a girl but this pic has a little twist. Now with a more extravagant body then the main Linda, a job at the local bar and an increased libido can the world be saved by Ganguro Babe: Lunos? Eh, who knows.....
Made using the kisekae_2 doll maker. Warning! 18+ no kiddies.
AN: Cripes. I feel as though this is the 5th or 6th time I've done this but god dammit I am going to get this done! This time I have a plan, I have time, I will not procrastinate! So yeah this is basically a Pokemon fanfic so if you don't know what Pokemon is then just Google it. I'd suggest Bulbapedia seeing as how you can get a lot of info there. There's also Serebii as well so yeah. Anyway standard copyright related gubbins and whatnot. Pokemon is owned by Nintendo, Creatures Inc, Game Freak, Satoshi Tajiri and etcetera. Erza is owned by ErzaMorris, Alex is owned by Coral-Tides and I am owned by me. What you think someone else owns me? Well you're WRONG! It's like that Shadow the Hedgehog song 'I am all of me'. Erm anyway on with fanfictioning!

"And Nidorino charges in with a Poison Jab!"
A booming voice akin to a football commentator proclaimed as a Nidorino charged full pelt with it's horn glowing a sickly purple. The crowd cheered as Nidorino's opponent, a Gengar, jumped out of the way.
"Oh! But Gengar deftly dodges the dastardly attempt!"
The Announcer belted out. Gengar grinned snidely at the Nidorino as it's glowed light blue and Nidorino began to levitate. Elsewhere in a small town three friends were watching a TV at one of their homes.
Now these three boys were slightly similar in the sense that they had black hair but there were several differences. First off there was Erza or Z as most people call him. At the age of 21 he was officially an adult yet was still kinda childish. Now you might be thinking 'why the hell isn't this guy off traveling the world with his Pokemon?' Well there's a perfectly logical explanation. Y'see he was caught peeping at the local all girls Trainer Academy and was held back. Yeah it's a weird world he lives in, deal with it. Erza's most distinguishing features were his spectacles and that sort of quiff style of hair. All in all a plain sort of guy who likes women.
Second off is Alex otherwise known as.... Alex. He's the more levelheaded of the group even if he's Erza's junior at only 18. Quiet sort of guy unlike Erza he wears glasses which as we all know are nothing like spectacles. Hair's a bit messy and he's got freckles but hey, no one's like the models in spot cream.
The final rounding off of the Id, Ego and Super-ego is Lachlan. Lachlan is the youngest of the three at only 16. He's a simplistic side who strives to look at the positive side of life. He doesn't wear glasses nor contacts. Tallish sort of lad who sees Erza and Alex as his two good friends. The three were gathered at Lachlan's house to view the grande finale of the Pokemon BORGY Cup. Let's take a listen shall we?
"No! C'mon Nidorino, stick and move man! Stick and move!"
Alex frantically cried as the Nidorino was tossed around like a rag doll due to the power of Psychic.
"C'mon Gengar! Wipe him out!" Erza responded grinning as the Nidorino was KO-ed via repeated floor smashing.
"And Nidorino is down! What will the challenger send out next?" The Announcer queried as the Nidorino was returned to it's Pokeball.
"I don't see why you're getting so fired up about this. It's just a match." Lachlan stated.
"Are you kidding me? I bet 2300 Pokedollars that Gengar would ." Alex replied.
"Yep. And now that money's going to go to the Z-man." Erza said, grinning like a cat that's just eaten the proverbial canary and is now eyeing up some fish sausages.
"Oop! And it looks like the challenger has chosen his Pokemon." The announcer announced as the trainer sent out a Pokeball.
"Oh, it's Steelix!"The announcer stated as a colossal steel serpent materialized onto the field.
"A Steelix? What's the worse it's going to do? Spam Earthquake like a scrub?" Erza said mockingly.
"Actually Z if you had actually paid attention at school Steelix is fairly versatile." Alex responded knowingly.
"Guys, shush! Something's happening." Lachlan said quickly, paying more attention to the TV than his bickering friends.
Indeed something was happening as the trainer who sent out the Steelix held his hand aloft before pressing down on a peculiar stone set in a sort of glove. The glove in turn began to glow as did a stone that appeared to be held onto Steelix's head via a sort of leather headband. Almost immediately Steelix began to glow and change within the glow. When the glow died down Steelix had changed dramatically. Most of it's body appeared to be segemented off and hovering with glowing blue hexagons,an expanded lower jaw and crystals seemed to have grown out of it. Steelix had mega evolved.
"Amazing! This challenger's upped the ante considerably!" The announcer shouted excitedly as the Steelix lunged at the Gengar, it's teeth crackling with electricity. Gengar barely dodged out of the way before charging up some shadowy energy into a sphere.
"Gengar barely dodged that move but is now counterattacking with a Shadow Ball." The announcer narrated as Gengar launched the sphere at Steelix's head.
But Steelix was undeterred as the sphere connected with it's head and responded by releasing sand that was quickly whipped into a sandstorm.
"Huh? What's it doing?" Erza asked.
"Well you see Sandstorm works as both an offensive and defensive move." Lachlan explained briefly.
"He's right. Y'see not only is Gengar injured by the shifting sands and a buff to Steelix's special defense but also any steel, rock or ground moves will also get a power boost." Alex continued knowingly.
"But that means..." Erza said as a worried look crossed his face.
Erza barely had time to turn his head back to the TV as Steelix slammed down an Iron Tail right on top of Gengar effectivly KOing the blighter.
"And there goes the battle!" The announcer proclaimed hammily.
"Nooooooo!!!" Erza yelled as he slumped to his knees in defeat.
"You owe me 2300 Pokedollars buddy." Alex smugly stated.
"Will you shut up! Some of us are trying to sleep!" A voice upstairs yelled.
"Sorry mum." Lachlan shouted back.
"And now a PSA from Professor Umino Takeshi." The TV burbled.
"Welp that's our cue to leave." Alex said as he got up from his seat.
"Yeah. See ya tomorrow." Erza added getting up to leave as well.
"Then we can start our journey as Pokemon trainers!" Lachlan replied happily as his two friends went back to their homes.
And so after switching off the TV Lachlan changed into his pyjamas, got into his bed and drifted off into slumberland.
CHAPTER TITLE: Holy Potatoes! A rewrite and a new beginning?
Pokemon Deviantists: Revised!: Chapter 1.
Yup. I'm doing it again. I'm still alive just like in Portal. Hopefully this gets past eight chapters and with potential fight scenes. Till then read and review.
Finally got Splatoon. Anyone on here a fellow inkling?
Just wondering. I mean there's probably tons of digimon fan communities here on DA. Perhaps if we all pitch in and do the thing on this here link then perhaps we can see the new promotional material? Eh who knows, not as if I can do anything here on this website. Also is Jhanny Tezt really the worst piece of Canadian animation or is there something worse? You make the call!


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I like Pokemon, Scott pilgrim, cartoons, Dragon ball z, the Ishmael series and Pokemon.

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