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Few things have upgraded for the two new pokemon games. First off NEW MEGA EVOs! The two other Hoenn starters finally have their own mega evolution with Sceptile becoming part dragon. This instantly ups Sceptile's awesomeness! Sceptile has mostly been seen in the Pokemon community as the least effective of the Hoenn starters for not being a dual type like Blazekin or Swampert. But it does have a massive amount of moves it can learn. Seeing Sceptile's mega form as part dragon gives a lot in the way of STAB dragon type attacks like Dragon Claw or Dragon Tail. It's just sad that it can't learn Draco Meteor :(. Swampert's Mega form looks like it had been doing weight's and chugging steroids since last we saw him. Seriously, it looks like someone took a Swampert, Hulk Hogan, Chuck Norris and that really buff Russian guy from that Rocky movie and blended them all together. But hey Swampert might get more use now seeing as how it's mega form looks so badass and buff. Then finally there's Mega Sableye. I think people were crying out because Mawile got a mega evolution and Sableye was shafted. Now this better not send up some flames but I only ever used Sableye once and that was to get past Brawly in Ruby. Apart from that the only use I see Sableye in is to teach a Shedinja Skill Swap and swap it's OP ability of Wonder Gaurd for Sableye's ability. So yeah those are my thought's on the new mega evos.

Hey remember how everyone was wondering whether or not those Groudon and Kyogre's on the covers were mega evos? Well they're not. They're actually Primal Pokemon. WTF is a Primal Pokemon I hear you ask? I have no idea. I think it's like mega evolution but regressing rather than evolving. Here's the sciency bit. Birds are belived to have evolved into dinosaurs, ergo if you use a regressing ray on a crocodile it turns into an archeopyterex or something like that. So through regression we get Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre who might actually be stronger than their original forms. There's gotta be some backlash for using the primal forms though like you won't be able to regress Groudon into Primal Groudon for another 5 days or something I dunnos.

Redesigns can work well in games such as updating Red's look in Fire Red/Leaf Green or it can fail badly such as turning Pac-Man who looked alright as a yellow hockey puck and turning him into an anime character. So I was very suprised to see that they redesigned the two antagonistic teams from Ruby and Sapphire. Don't get me wrong here, it's Nintendo they can be creative if they want to, but they turned Maxie, a guy who looks like a James Bond villian and turned him into a smug guy in glasses. Same goes for Archie, who looked like a pasty bandanna wearing chap into a badass tanned pirate guy! So they made Maxie less badass but made Archie more badass? I like what they did to the grunts of Aqua and Magma though. In X and Y we were greated by the villianous team Flare who dicked about in red suits because they could. Team Magma's kept the hoods but now we can actually see their faces instead of being greeted by skin coloured bloblike shape of a face. Team Aqua's following in their boss by having bandanas and cool looking stripy socks. Really looking forward to seeing fanart of these two teams.

The heroes of the game can either be Brendan or May. Whilst in the anime May was the canon daughter of Norman and uh......Nora? But in the manga it's Brendan (AKA Ruby) who's the son but obsessed with contests. Their designs were very nice at the time and even now they look really good. Brendan's making a comeback with that floppy white hat of his as well as sporting a ninja turtles backpack. May's sporting her classic headband, scarf thingy as well a tank top and shorts. I think one thing people are really hoping to see is the rival (the character you didn't choose to be) actually fighting you more. In the original's the rival fought you a few times before deciding "Screw it. I'm gonna waste my life trying to complete the Pokedx!". We want to see the rivals becoming actual threats not just background filer.They made Wally the guy you fight at the end of Victory Road. WALLY! That random asthmatic kid who needed help catching a damn Ralts. But if Wally is in Alpha and Omega we can be certain that he'll have found a mega ring as well as some Gardevoirite. Because.....We need a better challenge I suppose.

Steven Stone has also been shown in the things that I found on In the Ruby and Sapphire games Steven is a mysterious man who has a fetish for stones. In Emerald he stepped down as champion to look at more rocks. In Heartgold and Soulsilver he gave you a dubious disk, a Hoenn starter, a Beldum and a soul dew if you got the even Latias/Latios. In Alpha and Omega he's researching mega evolution because.......his doctor told him to look at something other than rocks. It'll be interesting how he's changed since the original games. With a lot more steel types up for grabs we really have to wonder what his team will look like. This goes the same for the rest of the Hoenn Elite Four. How will they have changed, both appearence and pokemon. How will the gym leaders look and what new puzzles will there be?

One of the good things about X and Y was clothes customisation. If any or all of the features from X and Y have been implemented into Alpha and Omega then we can really hope to see some people's characters in stuff like top hats and skirts. The safari zone is another feature that I hope stays in Alpha and Omega. In Emerald after defeating the Elite four the safari zone opens up into a wider area where players can catch stuff like Miltank and Pineco. This feature was not present in the original Ruby and Sapphire so I really hope that we can explore the wider area of the safari zone just like in emerald. Another feature that opened up in the postgame in emerald was the battle frontier. The battle frontier was a place where you could do pointless stuff like weird challenges, battling a living tree, catching a pokemon that likes doodling pictures everywhere, trade a cat pokemon for another cat pokemon, etc. Here's hoping we get stuff like that in Alpha and Omega.

So that's the massive data dump on what's currently new in Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby. Here's hoping we get a new data dump on what's new and trending in Alpha and Omega eventually. For more info and slight trailers on Alpha and Omega just google and you'll get to see some pretty cool stuff:);):O:happybounce: :squee: :iconbruhpertplz: #025 Pikachu #246 Larvitar Sandshrew Sprite. Generation VI #330 Flygon #301 Delcatty #350 Milotic #334 Altaria #260 Swampert Pikachu plz Cilan Emote (Pokemon) - Happy 


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